How To Choose The Best Shipping Company

shipThe abandonment of shopping carts is one of the disastrous consequences that are being faced by online businesses worldwide. This situation creates a lot of hassles and invariably gives an off-feeling to the sales staff at the company. Recently an article published in the Shipping blog¸ reflected on the downside of this problem and recommended several steps that could be taken to prevent the future occurrences of the same.

The website is the official online face of the International Air & Shipping Association, which is the globally recognized network of freight carriers. According to the IASA, there are several measures that must be taken by shipping companies to prevent loss of business to the retailers with whom they have joined hands. After all, a company that loses its business due to the ineptitude of its carrier services will look at the other companies offering the same services. The longevity of any company depends on the quality and reliability of its services. This fact will have to borne in mind by both the shipping company as well as the retailer.

So, what’s the best way to choose a shipping company that is perfectly suited to your company’s needs?

A sound strategy is the result of proper planning and research. A retailer must take into consideration several factors while choosing a suitable delivery mode as well as the carrier for his business.

First, the best place to conduct such research is on the net. You will be surprised to see the number of carriers who now have official websites that are dedicated to showcasing their various services, as well as delivery options and pricing. It will be best to create a list of carriers which are located at places where you expect the majority of your customers to come from. Here it must be remembered that not all carriers will undertake long-distance delivery or, even international ones. So, if you want such services, you will have to opt for bigger shipping enterprises.

Pricing is an important factor that profoundly influences the choice of carrier services. But pricing is generally calculated after taking several other factors into consideration, like order size, product size, delivery mode and speed. These factors themselves also influence the choice.

Study the general nature of the products being sold by the company. This too is a crucial factor, often overlooked by companies. Some shipping companies have a set standard for the size of the goods that they deliver. If your products fall short or are really much bigger, than the set standard, then the carrier may refuse to transport it.

The speed of delivery is often called the make or break factor because this is the first thing that will lure a potential customer to view the product. Find a company that has several modes of transport that can cater to all customer preferences. Some carriers have their own trucks and planes. Try hiring such carriers, especially if the goods involved are supposed to be delivered promptly.

By hiring the services of a good shipping company, a business organization can see a steady increase in its sales, due to the increase in customer satisfaction

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